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Will my insurance cover Dr. Flores' Fees?   In order to provide a high level of service and
access to my patients, I have chosen not to contract with insurance companies, including
Medicare and Medi-Cal.  For all insurance, other than Medicare, I am considered an
of-network provider.”
For Medicare, I am considered an "opt-out physician."   Unless you
are on Medicare, if you have a “PPO” or “POS” health plan, you will probably get
reimbursed for some of your out-of-pocket expenses for my services (once you meet your
deductible).  If you have other type of insurance, such as an HMO, it is highly unlikely that
you will get reimbursed for the cost of my services.  If you are on Medicare or Medi-Cal, you
not get reimbursed for the cost of my services.
What if I have Medicare?  I am considered an opt-out physician for Medicare.  This
means that I have chosen not to contract with Medicare.  If you are on Medicare (with or
without a supplement), you will not get reimbursed for the cost of my services.  However,
unless you are on a Medicare HMO, I will be able to coordinate my care with Medicare so
that any medications, lab tests, diagnostic tests, or referrals should be covered as they
normally would be.  In other words, only my office visit fees are outside of the Medicare
system.  If you are on Medicare, there are also special rules that I must follow.  Medicare
requires that all of my patients on Medicare sign a Medicare Private Contract with me.  The
Medicare Private Contract is for your protection and provides you with the necessary notice
of my opt out status. The Medicare Private Contract also requires that both the patient and
I agree not to submit any claim whatsoever to Medicare for medical services that I render.
Please click here for more information regarding our office policies.  If you have any
questions regarding my practice, please do not hesitate to contact our office at (760)
74-000 Country Club Dr., Suite B-2
Palm Desert, CA 92260
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