Christopher V. Flores MD, A Medical Corporation



Regularly Scheduled Office Visits Required:  When you become a patient  (unless I see you
specifically for an immigration physical or for an urgent care visit), you will be considered a
regular continuity patient.  I will need to see my continuity patients on a regular basis.  What is
considered “a regular basis” will depend on the particular patient and their medical needs.  
Most patients will need to be seen at least twice a year.  However, all patients, regardless of
age and health status will need to be seen at least once a year in order for me to be able to
continue as their physician of record.

Scheduling and Cancellations:  We purposely limit the number of our appointments so we
can run on-time as much as possible.  I want to always be available to my patients and
accommodate same day appointments. If you need to cancel or change an appointment, as a
courtesy to our office and our other patients, we ask that you notify us at least
48 hours in
advance.  We will be happy to reschedule you at a mutually convenient date and time.

Accessibility:  I run my practice at a lower volume than many physicians' offices.  Most of the
time, I will be able to see you the same day you call and at a  time that is convenient to you.  I
will be flexible with my hours and will schedule weekend and evening appointments as
needed.  In general, if you call my office, I will be available to speak to you over the phone and
I also use
secure email as well.  I will also offer house calls if medically appropriate.

Insurance and Billing: We request that payment be made at the time of service.  In order to
provide a very personalized and high level of service, we do not contract with any insurance
including Medicare or Medi-Cal.  If you have Medicare, please be advised that I have  "opted-
out" of Medicare.  
Please note that Medicare, Medi-Cal, and HMOs do not allow you to seek
reimbursement for my services
.  For more information , please see FAQs.

Coverage - During Office Hours and After Hours:  I will be available for questions and
concerns during office hours and after hours.  Please call our office phone number and leave
a message.  I check my messages frequently during office hours.  If you feel that you need to
reach me immediately after office hours, please call me on my cell phone, which will be
provided to you upon your first office visit with me.  Of course, if you are experiencing a
medical emergency, please call "911" or go directly to the emergency room.  In general, for
very brief consultations, or for follow-up after a recent appointment, there is no charge.  
However, if you are calling about a new problem or if I feel that the phone call or email
replaces a face-to-face visit, there will be a charge.  

Secure Email Policy:  While I believe that email is generally a good way to communicate with
my patients, unfortunately because of patient privacy concerns, I am only able to use secure
email.  As my patient, you can email me using RelayHealth, a
free secure email service.  You
can sign up for RelayHealth via their website - www.relayhealth.com.  When you sign up for
RelayHealth, you have the right to provide as much or as little information to RelayHealth as
you wish.  If you choose to provide more information to RelayHealth than your basic
demographic information, please notify our office every time you input new or updated
information so that I can review it; neither my office nor I am automatically notified when you
input new or updated information.  Please also make sure that when you sign up for Relay
Health you choose me as your doctor.  This will permit me to email you via RelayHealth.  

Please do not use email for urgent or emergency situations or very sensitive issues.  If you
have an emergency, the best thing to do is call "911".  If you need to talk to me immediately
because of an urgent issue, please contact me at the office (during office hours) or on my cell
phone (after hours).  You should also call me if you do not get a prompt reply to any email.  It
may be that I never received your email due to technical problems.  If an email replaces a face-
to-face visit, there will be an office charge.

Reminder:  You should only use secure email to request information, to ask non-urgent
questions, to request non-urgent appointments, or to request non-urgent refills on
prescriptions.  Do not use secure email to send or request very sensitive information. Do not
use email in urgent or emergency situations

If you would prefer not to use secure email, please tell us and we would be happy to limit our
communications with you to in-person communications, regular mail or telephone calls.

Questions:  If you have any questions regarding this information, please do not hesitate to
contact our office.

Please do not hesitate to contact our
office if you have any questions

We can be reached at:
Cornerstone Plaza
74-000 Country Club Dr., Suite B-2
Palm Desert, CA 92260


We will be asking you to
sign additional forms at
our office


In addition, if you are on
Medicare, we will also be
asking you to sign a
Medicare Private Contract


Please bring with you:

(Prescription, Over the Counter, &